Madeira Air Integrated Solutions

In partnership with SWIFT AIR, we fly to Madeira and Azores Islands on a daily basis with 5 weekly rotations in São Miguel Island and three rotations a week to Terceira Island.

We operate two freighters ATR-72-500 with a payload capacity of 8 tones.



Daily air cargo transport

Air transport of your commodities variable in size and weight between Lisboa-Funchal- Lisboa e Lisboa-Ponta Delgada-Lajes-Lisboa

Airfreight Express

Urgent transport of your commodities between Lisboa-Funchal- Lisboa e Lisboa-Ponta Delgada-Lajes-Lisboa

Dedicated air transport of fish

Fish reception at the airport up to 2 hours before flight departure, allowing the shipment of fish captured early in the morning

Air transport of fresh / perishable products

We guarantee a quick reception and transport suitable for all this kind of fresh/ perishable products

Air transport of dangerous goods

Transport of dangerous goods (DGR) carried out in accordance with international standards for transport of dangerous substances

Possibility of Charter Operations

Charter operations dedicated to the most varied needs of our customers and their products

Interline agreements for other destinations

We have established agreements with other airlines to reroute automatically to Europe and other continents


Operations Lisboa:

+351 218 474 652

Operations Funchal:

+351 966 491 342

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