Our History

Where we came from, where we are and where we go

The ALS team has a large experience on Planning, Implementing and Managing relevant Logistics Operations with a strong link to Military and Commercial Aviation.

The deep logistics knowledge of the team, together with their large experience, granted the sucessful execution of major and complex activities making from ALS a unique Logistics reference within Portugal.

From  Military Logistics

Working for different companies, over the past 12 years, from and to United States, we have ensured almost all flow of equipment - for Portuguese Army and Air Force - in order to guarantee the operation of these service branches’ weapon systems. 

We have coordinated the Transport of military logistics to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Congo, Afghanistan and Kosovo theaters of operations. In relation to Afghanistan and Kosovo we have coordinated the majority of Charter flights over the past five years, involving a substantial air bridge from Beja airport into Kabul and the organization of a Truck Convoy in Afghanistan.

We have planned and coordinated the transport to Portugal of the Leopard Main Battle Tank Group for the Portuguese Army in 2009 and the Projection by sea and road of six Pandur Armored Infantry Combat Vehicles from Portugal to Kosovo by the end of 2013.

From Industrial Logistics

We have organized and managed the transport of  airports equipment for Marroco: also in 2012 all aiport scanners and RX to Catumbela airport were moved under our direct planification and control.A large scale Industrial supply chain project was implemented and execcuted in OGMA - Aeronautic Maintenance and Aerospace Plant (Embraer Group)

Aviation and Logistics Solutions

Regular transport of live animals, such as, horses  for China or from Argentina into Portugal.  Several charter flights with live fishes – including sharks  to aquariums and museums all over the world.

Large number of ''Wide body'' charters operation into Africa, being relevant the flights into Angola where during 2012 we moved 14 consecutive B-747F during one month for a sopecial project of the Angola Administration.  

For the future we forecast that we will keep the preferences of our clients since we pursue the highest standards of quality in all our projects.

For automotive and Construction companies we have chartered  several flights for Europe and Africa.

Our Destiny

We will Keep Focus in delivering the appropriated Logistics Solutions and Projects to manage with Rigour and Quality our clientes needs.